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2023 BEC has succesfully appealed 3 Export licence refusual and is fighting more

ATT is due to return to Gambia later this year to finalise support to Gambian Govt

  • Advice and guidance​

  • Licence application management

  • Bespoke training

  • International availability

  • Mock 'Customs' audits

  • Private Military Co/Security

  • Financial sanctions/Bribery Act

British Export Control [BEC] is a cadre of ex UK Govt. and EU export control experts, now supporting Governments and businesses throughout the world in Export Control, International implementation and more. 
Please contact us for more information.
​We provide a range of bespoke training , support and guidance to all levels of business from one-man concerns, to large-scale manufacturers, Financial institutions and Governments.

BEC evolved from its training wing, Arms Trade Training [ATT] which has been providing, primarily via EU and UN funding training, outreach and support to Governments throughout the world seeking to implement both the UN arms trade treaty and the Dual-use [WMD] requirements of UNSCR 1540.


Feedback from UK entities indicated that whilst the Department of Trade and  Business provides export control seminars, they are intermittent and of course cover a wide spectrum, if you are a company exporting night vision equipment, a day spent on WMD materials and chemicals may not be the optimum use of your time and budgetary resources so that ATT can provide a similar course to DIT or one tailor-made for your company.


Our staff have trained UK Customs, HMRC investigators, Border Force, and UK intelligence agencies in export control and lectured internationally. For those in Academia, Media and literary works, we have also operated at the highest levels of international counter-proliferation.

​In addition to routine UK export controls, BEC specializes in those companies involved in moving Military goods from third country to third country, referred to in UK legislation [Export control order 2008] as the Trade controls or more euphemistically as Brokering.


The brokering laws can cover any UK person, anywhere in the world that may be involved in a transaction arranging the international transfer of military or paramilitary goods. This can include Banks, insurers, shippers, Military training providers, and airlines. In addition, of course, there are the range of Trade/Financial sanctions and the Bribery Act (which it seems is being rigorously enforced now).

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We do not publicise  our private client activity

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