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Our Group consists of British Export Control (BEC) which provides EXPORT CONTROL support ,training and guidance to UK companies/persons in a  variety of sectors and Arms Trade Training (ATT) which has been providing similar services to International Governments with regard to implementation  of Export, Brokering, Dual Use [WMD} controls and the UN  Arms Trade Treaty.

Our UK personnel have all held or indeed hold UK Developed Vetting [Top Secret] clearance. Our EU personnel are all trusted friends and colleagues with whom we have worked throughout the world and who have held positions of trust within the respective government departments. Our capacity for confidentiality has been proven over decades of Government service, that integrity is now part of the service we provide you (see Services page for more details).

We review the clients individual needs and seek to match the most appropriate resources. In the event we don't believe we are the most appropriate provider for you , we will aim to ensure that we recommend someone we trust and respect that is .

Whilst our core activities are export control related , our skills and capacities includes years of surveillance, counter surveillance, human intelligence, communications security , Intelligence gathering and training.

In this arena, the UK government visits companies for a wide variety of reasons and that 'Routine' low key visit or quick chat ( we know we've done them) often isn't ; we can be on your side of the table when they arrive.

We have provided guidance to companies of all sizes in Export and Trade controls, even those with long established compliance officers/units have been found to have breached. We were the officers the UK Government sent out to find breaches of export controls and rarely did we fail to find them. Now we are there to assist you with assuring you have the optimum controls in place without creating an impediment to sales.

Martin Drew MIEx - Founder

Martin Drew MIEx is a former Higher Investigation Officer with HM Revenue and Customs criminal investigation branch ( with over 20 years’ experience as a Detective/Investigator) , with over 12 years of service within its Counter-proliferation Investigation/Intelligence Team (Customs A/B). He also served as a Team Leader of the UK National Criminal Intelligence Service’s ‘Special Projects’ Branch.  Whilst within the Counter-proliferation Intelligence Team, Martin  carried out the full range of Export Control enforcement and intelligence activities, and became the UK’s foremost expert in illicit arms brokering. He led the effort to develop the UK’s Proliferation [Trade] Finance response and received the HMRC Director’s Award for Excellence for his work in that field. He has worked, lectured and provided training in Export control and Trade finance throughout the world, whilst within HMRC and as one of the EU’s panel of experts, and has been operationally deployed in numerous nations.

He was responsible for the intelligence development on almost all the UK’s arms broker prosecutions, running covert operations against targets lasting many years.

He has UK military specification training in Human intelligence recruitment and Firearms/ explosives. Martin has been involved in the investigation of international arms & narcotics trafficking, major fraud, and internal investigations.

He was a Special advisor to Parliament's Committee on Export controls (CAEC)




BEC and ATT use a trusted group of ex government personnel ( both UK and EU) which it utilises in accordance with the clients unique requirements

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