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The UK's export controls are a complex multifaceted body of legislation that can seem  unfathomable . We also have direct experience of Trade/Financial sanctions and the Bribery Act.
Our personnel were the UK Government's experts and can, either visit you in person, or remotely assist entitles throughout the world in relation to these controls in a manner that we aim to be both concise and manageable ; at the risk of undue levity if you want reports stretching to  hundreds of pages in bulging lever arch binders , you will never read, then a major London accountancy/legal firm may be a better choice.

Our terms and conditions spell out our clear adherence  to client confidentiality.



Our experts have a huge breadth of experience in tier 1 international crime/trafficking , Counter Proliferation, Intelligence, arms brokering  etc.

We have presented at Kings College London , Wilton Park, Law Society,  International Chamber of Commerce and in numerous other national and international forum. We have also actively supported work by NGOs in the arms control field.

We continue to provide ongoing support in a number of these fields.

Mock Customs audits


One of the main reasons companies need to achieve maximum compliance is the fear of HMRC carrying out an export control audit and finding breaches of the controls; even the largest concerns , with 'qualified' compliance staff can fall foul of these "routine" visits.
We have some of , if not the most experienced ex HM Customs Investigation staff available. Officers who have inspected and indeed raided companies . We can now give you the same type of visit but with you deciding how to manage any outcomes with our support , should any difficulties arise. For the avoidance of doubt, we work for you and have no statutory requirement to report irregularities


Export Licensing


We can provide a cradle to grave licensing service , where we will apply and manage your licencing requirements with the Department of International Trade

We can advise of the type of licence required , apply for and manage it for you. If you are having shipments routinely stopped at export, we may be able to advise on solutions. 




If you are involved in any way with transactions which will result in military goods moving between third countries , you may need a UK Trade licence. It does not need your involvement in the sale, just some part in arranging the transfer (Finance. Insurance, Shipping etc)
See our International transfers page for more details
This is a complex area which inadvertently covers not just full time Brokers but potentially any British Person involved in arranging the movement of Military Goods.

The list of goods deemed military can be found within the Export Control Order 2008 Schedules. Let's be unambiguous, Company Directors go to jail for these breaches and you can see details of some on our news page.



Through ATT we can provide a  wide range of training in Export controls and counter Proliferation to both Governments and businesses.

Government training is often done as part of EU and UN outreach but with the increased UN sanctions in play the opportunities for States to find themselves receiving adverse media coverage is significant, we can provide the full range of guidance and support.

The Dept. of International Trade provides training seminars , on which some of our personnel used to be presenters. We can provided in-house training for you. Our training fees make this significantly more cost effective if you were planning of sending more than one person on the DIT event

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